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We’re known by the company we keep.

And USM Americas keeps some pretty special company. We’ve partnered with market leaders around the world to ensure we deliver solutions focused on your manufacturing needs.

Take, for example, Texon International. USM Americas is an exclusive distributor of Texon’s footwear and apparel products, including insoles, toe puffs, counters, linings, cap brims and peaks, leather goods reinforcements and other fashion materials.

Another is IVI Metallics Ltd, our supplier of a wide range of top-quality shoemaking tacks and nails. IVI is the world leader in brush assembly pins, which USM Americas also markets.

E-Leather Group is an innovative maker of environmentally friendly recycled leather fiber – a “composition” leather – that is used in the footwear and leather goods markets.

With sales and distribution exclusivity in Canada, USM Americas features the full product line for computerized designing and automated cutting systems manufactured by Elitron of Italy. Elitron and USM Americas offer a full product line serving the footwear, leather goods, apparel, furniture, fibreboard and packaging markets.

Likewise, USM Americas exclusively distributes industrial cutting machinery made by Meccanica Allevi Vigevano of Italy. In addition to traditional machines such as traveling head and full beam machines, the Allevi line includes water jet and table and knife solutions for precision cutting.

USM Americas decals and transfers from Barta represent a high-quality decoration system for product refinement and branding. Logos, trademarks or lettering can be applied permanently onto the surface of many different materials.

Thanks to USM Americas’s corporate siblings United Shoe Machinery and Hudson Industrial Cutting Solutions, we enjoy marketing and distribution relationships with world-class shoe, die press, splitting and skiving machine makers from Austria, Brazil, Britain, China, Italy, Germany and Taiwan that are recognized for their technology leadership and quality workmanship.

We’re proud of the marketing and distribution relationships with this select number of global manufacturers. After all, we speak your language and we speak theirs. Together, we’ve innovated, developing cost-effective technologies to offer you greater value, and created products that complement USM Americas solutions.

Think of it as the power of many.