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Solutions. By USM Americas.
You might say they’re home-made.

USM calls Canada home. Based in Montréal, USM Americas Inc. / USM Amériques Inc. is a division of IPSUMM Inc., a worldwide company headquartered in the U.S. that provides precisely engineered, finely crafted solutions to the shoemaking, apparel, industrial cutting and other industries, as well as creative accessories for the golf market and corporate promotions.

Hudson, founded in the mid 1920s as a spinoff of Hudson General Companies in Haverhill, MA, was primarily involved in the rebuilding of footwear machinery and the supply of die cutting presses as, ironically, a competitor to USM.

Serving the True North since the early 1900s, USM Americas Inc. / USM Amériques Inc. focuses on providing outstanding Canadian-based sales and service. Your manufacturing depends on us so we employ factory-trained technicians. You can contact them with a local call, or, if needed, they can be on-site quickly to resolve production issues.

We’re proud of our marketing and distribution relationships with a select number of global manufacturers. After all, we speak your language and we speak theirs. Together, we’ve innovated, developing cost-effective technologies to offer you greater value, and created products that complement USM Americas solutions.

Our team is dedicated to outstanding innovation, leading products and expert services to solve your business challenges and keep your enterprise running efficiently and affordably.

Solutions. By USM Americas. You might say they’re home-made.

Founded in 1899 with the merger of three shoe machinery companies, USM Americas continues today to transform shoemaking and the shoe industry.

USM’s success as the world’s premier shoe machine company was founded on its ability to adapt an increasing number of hand-crafted shoemaking processes into mechanical operations, thus increasing output, productivity and profit for shoe manufacturers.

In the 20th century, USM designed, developed and marketed approximately 800 new and improved shoe machines, and patented more than 9,000 inventions. By the end of the 1900s, USM led the way as mechanical operations were converted to automated, computerized actions.

As the 21st century unfolds, USM Americas continues its innovation leadership with the introduction of new machine prototypes. These utilize state of the art technology as the next logical milestone on the road to superior automation driving manufacturing economies and solving business-critical challenges.

The Shoe Machinery Division offers machinery, parts, service and support for the entire range of USM and International Shoe Machine branded machinery as well as complementary machinery sourced from the finest suppliers in the world.

The Hudson Cutting Division supplies a full range of industrial cutting machines and supplies for many industries. Solutions range from simple swing beam presses to automatically fed, computer controlled systems based on premier equipment and world-class technologies. Hudson also focuses on splitting and skiving machinery especially tailored to the needs of the automotive, rubber and plastics industries in testing laboratories and production.

The factory supplies division, United Global Supply, is the shoemaking industry’s single source with the widest and most complete line of shoemaking and shoe machine supplies, as well as distributing KOBO and Regal hot stamping equipment and foils.

The golf accessories and corporate promotions division, Sports Link, grew from work begun at United Global Supply imprinting golf shoe bags. After many years as an OEM supplier, in 2004 Sports Link took its expanded line of golf gifts, accessories, apparel and awards directly to the club pros and tournament directors, offering premium goods at below-retail prices. Starting in 2009, Sports Link expanded its services to businesses and other organizations with promotion products for customers and employees.

Image courtesy of Aidee Pfau Teshiba