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USM Americas tooling. The last word.

USM Americas craftsmen know about tooling for lasting machines. For years, they’ve translated lasts for all kinds of shoes and boots into wipers, extruders, toe plates, toe bands, heel pads and molds so they perform most efficiently with USM and ISM lasting machines.

Our people are adept at analyzing insole and last patterns to design and craft the tooling so it is optimal for the manufacturing process to ensure uninterrupted production runs.

At USM Americas, we understand that making tooling for lasting machines is an interactive process with our customers. We appreciate the need for tooling to be the best possible fit for seamless production.

To accomplish that, unlike our competitors, we take extra steps to ensure we’re working for you. We’ll use the latest communications technologies to analyze designs. If need be, we’ll travel to your factory and work alongside you to get a toe band or a heel mold just right.

We will even apply our skill to make fingerpads specifically to a shoe style with a specially designed USM material that is flexible and non-marking. That kind of extra effort is just how we do things.

Contact USM Americas today. Our craftsmen will be pleased to custom fit tooling for your lasting machines.

Urethane to fit the mold

While our engineers and craftsmen are experienced in designing and custom making urethane molds for the shoe industry, that expertise can be applied to any industrial application where urethane molds are required in short runs. Talk to us today to see how we can cost-effectively customize a urethane mold to meet your business need.