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Well founded is well built.

The devil’s in the details. When it comes to building footwear or apparel, USM Americas provides the top-quality line of cellulose and non-woven materials, all of them environmentally engineered.

USM Americas footwear and apparel products from Texon International comprise the most comprehensive range of structural and technical materials, components and consumables. Footwear products include insoling, box toe puff and counter materials, non-woven linings and factory consumables. Apparel products take in leather goods reinforcements, fashion materials and cap stiffeners for brims and peaks.

The right choice? USM Americas and Texon. You won’t be bedeviled.

We’re into insoles.

As the exclusive distributor of the Texon brand, USM Americas’ insole range of both cellulose and non-woven insole material offers the designer and manufacturer a huge choice for every application and shoemaking process. Insoles incorporate the latest in materials design technology but it doesn't end there. Collaborating with Texon, USM Americas can work with you to produce the perfect insole to meet your requirements.

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T437 & T428 »
EcoSole 60 »
EcoSole 80 »
EcoSole 100 »
T516 »
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T97/T97N/T249/T250/T251 »

There’s no countering
our toe puffs, counters

We offer an excellent range of stiffening materials for box toe puffs and counters, providing the designer and manufacturer a huge choice for every application and shoemaking process.

BiFirm »
87 series »
X8R series »
Rite series »
ReForm series »

Linings. You’ll be
excited by the choice.

Our linings suit various applications, including vamp, counter and quarter. Sprint VPL uses a new “hook-bonded” method of manufacturing developed specially for vamp linings. Aquiline Choice and Exite are engineered for superb performance. All are moisture efficient.

Sprint VPL »
Aquiline »

To cap it off,
apparel materials

Texon extends its materials technology to fashion materials such as jeans labels, cap stiffeners and leather goods stiffeners. These thermoplastic stiffeners can also be used in furniture and stationary applications.

Leather goods & furniture reinforcement »
Fashion materials »
Cap stiffener »