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We’ve got it nailed. And tacked.

Tacks and nails from USM Americas are the right product for the right job. Supplied by IVI Metallics Ltd, we specialise in the footwear and brush assembly sectors.

Footwear products provide excellent driving, clenching and fastening security characteristics for all shoe tacking and nailing machines, as well as in general purpose hand use. This consistent high quality ensures fewer machine outages and less downtime for greater productivity and savings.

IVI Metallics is the world’s largest manufacturer of paint brush assembly pins. Pins are made in a range of sizes and materials and are wax coated as standard to enhance machine feeding properties. This increases output and efficiency, avoiding unplanned downtime and machine damage.

USM Americas can also supply masonry nails, fixing nails and pins, carpet gripper nails and tacks, cable clip pins, and tacks and nails made to your specification.

Nothing tacky about our nails.

USM Americas offers a wide range of footwear tacks and nails, including heel attaching nails, seat and side lasting tacks, seat plates, insole tacks, backseam nails, and hand tacks and nails. Learn more »

Brush up on these pins.

Brush pins can be ordered with a variety of options, including plating in a number of finishes, smooth or annular ring shanks, domed or shallow domed, made from a number of metals, and 6-35mm long with shank diameter between 1.0-1.6mm. Learn more »