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Working with our corporate sibling United Global Supply, USM Americas is the shoemaking industry's supply line. Other companies may offer portions of the USM Americas product line, but no other vendor supplies the complete breadth and depth that we do. That makes us shoemaking’s single source supplier.

When you buy from USM Americas, you're buying more than our top quality brushes, knives or setting tools – you’re buying the expertise and ingenuity of people who have served shoemakers unstintingly throughout their careers.

Our abrasives work smoothly

USM Americas offers the widest variety of shoemaking abrasives that are superior in quality, longer wearing for more productivity and less downtime, resulting in greater economy. Learn more »

First-rate fasteners

We supply Avery Dennison fasteners designed for the shoemaking industry, especially shoe lacing fastening solutions, shoe pairing ties or hang tag fasteners for shoe and garment labeling and packaging. Learn more »

Brush up on brushes

Our brushes for roughing, finishing, staining, polishing and cleaning comprise the finest and widest array available for shoemaking. They stand up to hard use for long life. Learn more »

Everything in its place

Improve efficiency on the factory floor with last bins, drum and can handling equipment, dust collectors, tote boxes and dispensing cans. Learn more »

Single source for machine supplies

From “Green Tip” eyelet setting tools to knives, needles, awls and cutters, USM Americas shoe machine supplies are made to the original equipment specifications with the same focus on quality and economy. Learn more »

The supply line for components

USM Americas stocks an extensive list of components and supplies for shoemaking including eyelets, tacks and nails, shanks, gore, shoe wire, twine, waxes, lubricators and cleaners. Learn more »

Keep the “new look”

Help your customers preserve the “new look” of a pair of shoes with shoe care brushes, polishers and cloths, care kits and shoe trees. For retail stores, we can supply a variety of Brannock devices. Learn more »

Hand tools on hand

Only USM Americas offers a complete assortment of specialized, task-oriented shoemaking hand tools ranging from awls and hammers, nippers and pincers, to scissors and tack pullers. Learn more »

Foil printing that’s hot

Whatever your needs, USM Americas can meet your hot foil printing needs. For large volume industrial uses, KOBO machines are always the best value with unsurpassed quality and design. To meet occasional needs, Regal hot stamping machines are your choice. Learn more »