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Shoe machine, n. Synonym: USM.

There’s a reason shoe machines and United Shoe Machinery are synonymous. USM designed, invented and built many of the machines that are the standard in today’s shoe factories. 800 different types. 9,000 innovations.

We build shoe machines today in the same meticulous way we have for more than a century. Right here in Massachusetts. To the exact original equipment specifications. With the same sharp eye for simplicity of operation, precision, function, quality, reliability.

But, we also build our machines with our eyes on the future.

Continuing United Shoe’s long-standing focus on pioneering advancement, many of our shoe machines today feature automation with computer control from touch-screen technology. Add to that remote diagnostic troubleshooting using today’s communications techniques.

The premium we place on excellence and dependability doesn’t mean you pay a premium on price. USM pricing is aggressively affordable. Ask us. Find out.

USM: Trusted quality, competitive cost. In a word: Value.

Stalwart stitcher

Model GIS-D is still the stalwart for sewing the welt and upper to the insole rib of Goodyear welt shoes. Speeds and stitch density can be varied to suit simple or complex, light or heavy work. Read more »

Purely the best

For PUR hot melt spray applications, the MBC-101 automatic bottom cementer is tops for improved bonding at lower cost. Read more »

First word in seat & side lasting

For seat and side lasting, our LSH-410 handles flat lasting with simple operation, convenient touch screen control and on-board diagnostics for less downtime. Read more »

Toeing the line

United Shoe’s toe laster DVHZ-CDE took our popular model CD to the next level with an upgraded electro-pneumatic system and latest Siemens computer.
Read more »

USM Rapid is versatile

For shoemakers who don’t require frequent or rapid changes between styles, USM’s Rapid Versatile for pulling and lasting provides significant savings on tooling, procurement time and set-up time. Read more »

High speed, high value

The “HS” in the BHSS-10 means high speed. Translation: Fast, efficient. Here’s why: 1,000 stitches/minute. Easy unloading and loading of shoes. Fewer thread breaks. Large capacity bobbins. In sum: True value. Read more »

Well heeled

USM’s heel molder and flanger model J/JR provides accuracy and speed without sacrificing simplicity. Model JR reverses the molding/pulling station so the upper can be loaded from the top. Read more »