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Think global. Buy local.

United Shoe Machinery partners with market leaders around the world to ensure we deliver solutions focused on your manufacturing needs. These world-class shoe machine makers from Austria, Brazil, Britain, China, Italy, Germany and Taiwan are recognized for their technology leadership and quality workmanship.

We’re proud of the marketing and distribution relationships with this select number of global manufacturers. After all, we speak your language and we speak theirs. Together, we’ve innovated, developing cost-effective technologies to offer you greater value, and created products that complement USM solutions.

Think of it as the power of many.

Running hot and cold.

Alfa Meccanica’s Rotomolder provides hot/cold or hot counter molding. The rotating stations save time in production, reduce operator fatigue and eliminate leather damage. Read more »

Solely the best press.

The Banf P81 sole press is designed for the special needs in making footwear with walled soles. Considered the best on the market, the P81’s multi-segmented pad box system conforms to product’s characteristics. Read more »

On the right tack.

Especially designed for today’s shoe styles with the highest quality in mind, the Chenfeng CF-625T simultaneously tacks and lasts the shoe in the heel area. Read more »

Easy does it.

The Chenfeng CF-727 heel seat laster allows accurate, easy positioning and adjustment for pre-cemented shoes with general and soft midsoles. Read more »

A perfect match.

The Chenfeng CF-747 9-pincer computerized toe lasting machine with hot melt matches high quality and high performance and stores up to 100 shoe models. Read more »

Grace with Fortuna.

Fortuna CS3/CS5 skiver stores programmable parameters for skiving thickness, angle and width as well as type of skive, type of leather and name. Read more »

Fortuna smiles.

Fortuna CS6 skiver automatically calculates and stores the skiving angle, resulting in seasonal production flexibility and quality independent of the operator. Read more »

Split precision.

Fortuna’s NAF-470 band knife splitting machine is precision made and ergonomically designed to ensure efficient operation. Read more »

Quick to the cut.

Hudson skiving and splitting machines from Fortuna extend the USM line with a variety of models from the simple to the sophisticated. Read more »

Knows how to fold 'em.

The Kehl model 1006 computerized upper folding machine operates in 3 modes and can store up to 50 styles for great performance and high folding quality. Read more »

A stitch in time.

Orisol’s OES4X4 is the perfect machine for decorative stitching on boot shafts or stitching a logo. With 4 heads each with 4 needles, you can load and stitch at the same time. Read more »

Roughing it.

Silpar’s St Nova roughing machine with a rotary guide and variable-speed transport wheel mills the lasted shoe with sole and heel applied. Read more »

Speedy like a laser.

The Trotec Speedy 300 CO2 laser solution engraves designs, including your logo, on leather and other materials. Speedy performance, speedy ROI. Read more »

This is a hot stitch

Sunstar’s electronically controlled pattern sewing system for assembly stitching of shoes and decorative stitching of boots is feature-packed for productivity and ease of use. Read more »