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We don’t sell used machines.
At USM, what’s old is renewed.

Some call them used machines. Others call them refurbished machines. And some call them reconditioned machines.

USM Americas calls them renewed machines. Better than new in fact.

We don’t merely replace worn parts, adjust others, and slap on a new coat of paint. Where possible, USM Americas renews shoe and industrial cutting machines by enhancing them with new, current technology. That makes them better than when they were new.

Check out the example below of a renewed machine. That’s a USM Rapid Versatile with its old electronics upgraded to the current Siemens controller and display. Its tangle of pneumatic hoses and valves is now neatly bundled into a clean SMC valve stack. And the control cabinet is more compact, using modern switches.

We also make available reconditioned warranty machinery and equipment. While no longer new, these machines are thoroughly inspected for broken or worn parts. They undergo a comprehensive rebuilding program, carried out by our expert factory technicians. Once completed, the machines are again run off and re-inspected.

We also have machines in “running” condition.

Contact USM Americas today to see what shoe and industrial cutting machines we have available. Many are in stock at surprising (in a good way) prices.

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