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Shoe & die cutting machines supported

We endeavor to maintain a complete inventory of wear parts for new, rebuilt and sourced machines USM Americas sells, including equipment we distribute. USM Americas also maintains an extensive inventory of parts for discontinued machinery. Please call for availability to meet your specific need.

In addition to supplying parts for United Shoe, International Shoe Machinery, Hudson Cutting and Samco machines, USM Americas can source parts for these manufacturers:

ALLEVI – Industrial cutting systems

BDF - Driers, chillers and activating equipment

BRUSTIA/ALFA - Cementing equipment

COMELZ - Edge folding equipment

COLLI - Trimming equipment

ELETTROTECNICA - Sole activators, toe steamers, heat setters and wrinkle chasers

ELITRON – Industrial cutting machinery

FALAN - Lockstitch outer sole sewing machines

FORTUNA - Splitting and skiving machines (Exclusive)

GUIDOLIN DAVIDE - Kiss-cutting equipment

KEHL - Folding Machines

MAIN GROUP - Injection molding machinery for the shoe industry (Exclusive)

OMAV – Adhesive machinery

SAMCO - Full head presses

SILPAR - Rough rounding of outer soles and edge finishing

SPS - Eyeleting, riveting and fastening systems