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E-Leather. An e-xciting idea.

Engineered. Economical. Eco-friendly. Even. Enduring. Efficient. The “E” in E-Leather stands for a lot of things.

E-Leather, perfectly suited as tomorrow’s material for shoemaking and leather goods as well as other industrial uses, is made from natural leather fibre and water.

Distributed exclusively by USM Americas, the main advantages of E-Leather are:

  • Environmentally friendly – made from recycled leather fibre
  • Product consistency – no natural defects and minimal batch to batch variation
  • Large panels and automated cutting - from roll supply (55” wide)
  • Automated stack cutting equals faster processing with up to 90% cutting yields
  • High cutting yield – cost efficient and reduces landfill waste
  • High durability and excellent flame retardancy
  • Extensive design options – from leather effects to bold geometric designs
  • Custom colours – available on request
  • Superior shape retention
  • Easy care – wipes clean


E-Leather uses core materials that are sandwiched between two layers of recovered natural leather fibres – essentially a “composition leather” that weighs up to 40% less than traditional leather. To accommodate the various needs, E-Leather is engineered precisely to different specifications for each application. E-Leather is finished to add colour, grain and texture, plus performance factors such as scuff protection or fire resistance.

Most customers have a specific colour and grain in mind, matched to design, technical or operational needs. E-Leather can be made in almost any colour. Subject to minimum volume, E-Leather can even be colour matched and formulated to bespoke colours and grains of your specification, colour swatch or Pantone/RAL colour reference.

E-Leather. E-verything you want. Another solution. By USM. Contact us today.

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