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With these traveling heads, you’re in control.

Hudson’s manual and automatic traveling head presses provide maximum versatility and value. Add automated feeds to get the most out of productivity.

Capable of greater force, larger heads and working area than a swing beam, traveling head presses provide steady cutting power. These presses employ sophisticated systems for more finely controlled cutting force, stroke and head movement. They are ideally suited for both roll and sheet fed applications.

Traveling head presses with up to 80 tons of cutting force are available with effective cutting widths from 19.6” to 120” and platen sizes of 19.6” square to 39.3” square.

Manual dexterity

Hudson’s manual traveling head press has a movable platen that allows the operator to place the die exactly on a wide bed that eliminates time-consuming, expensive slitting. Excellent repeat stroke precision ensures clean, accurate parts and extended pad life. Learn more »

Get with the program

Our 2-axis programmable traveling head press provides high productivity and maximum material use. Programming is simple for the operator and up to 300 programs can be stored. A choice of feed mechanisms can be integrated. Learn more »

Continuous quality

Hudson’s 3-axis traveling head press is suitable for cutting a wide range of materials, especially flimsy or limp products that are difficult to feed when coupled with a continuous cutting belt feed. 1-mm tolerance and 4 post stops ensure exact cutting and repeatability. Optional nesting software can save 20% in material cost. Learn more »