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Splitting, skiving for success.

If you’ve got a skiving or splitting application, Hudson Cutting has the skiver or splitter solution. From the simple to the sophisticated, our range of Fortuna machines, the world’s best, feature standard and optional modules that can be combined to provide a total package.

Splitting machines accurately split a material to thinner dimensions and can split a thick material into many thinner pieces. They are used by the automotive, rubber and plastic industries, predominantly in their laboratories but also in production operations. Hudson’s Fortuna machines function within ultra-fine tolerances and are used in situations where the highly precise separation of materials is an absolute must.

In researching and developing new materials, in the performance of quality tests and inspections, or in investigating complaints, our splitting machines not only simplify the task, they also enable tests to be carried out with scientific accuracy and with reproducible results.

Various potential uses and laboratory applications (to internationally valid test standards) are:

  • Automotive industry: Material analyses of industrial gaskets and seals made of rubber or plastic (also window and door seals, rubber seals for car windows), acoustic and thermal insulating materials, profiled parts, drive belts, leather seating, armrests, fascia panels
  • Textile floor covering manufacture: Methods for determination of mass (to ISO 8543) and determination of thickness of pile above the substrate (to ISO 1766)
  • Cable manufacturing: Layer analyses of cable covers and insulations to ensure they meet specifications
  • Water hoses: Layer analyses for specification fulfillment
  • Tire manufacture: Layer analyses of steel-corded or cross-ply tires for specification fulfillment
  • High pressure hoses, brake hoses
  • Rubber and plastics industries: Conveyor belts
  • Reclaiming rubber from used tires

Skiving machines remove excess material, usually along the edge or edges of a part. Skiving is often used in the leather goods, automotive and furniture industries to bevel the edges of parts that will be turned over and glued to form a finished edge.

Hudson’s simple bench-top skivers range from single-speed clutch motors and bottom-driven roll feed to more powerful dual (top and bottom) driven rollers for heavy-duty materials, together with separate electronically controlled knife and feed motors for maximum flexibility. Some sophisticated models include special steel stands and vacuums to collect dust and waste. Skiving machines can process cut widths up to 50mm (~2”).

Many of the Hudson-Fortuna splitting and skiving machines are automated to store programmable parameters for cutting thickness, angle and width to ensure production flexibility and quality independent of the user. All are designed for efficient, ergonomic operation.

Splitting – how does it work?

How does a splitting machine work, and what uses can it be put to in testing labs and production? Our brochure explains. Learn more »

Precision plus

Suited especially to automotive interior materials and laboratory testing, the SPA-750 bandknife splitting machine combines precision engineering, an extensive features list and ergonomic design. Learn more »

Total accuracy

Used in the auto, rubber and plastics industries as production and testing machines, model NAF470 is offered with an LCD displaying key measurements for total accuracy. Learn more »

Fit and finished

With an LCD displaying key info and permanently positioned cutting edge, the AN400 is especially fit for automotive interior components including seat covers. Learn more »

All-around favorite

All-purpose, all-around. Fortuna’s AB320 G model with its self-adjusting knife is used in the rubber, plastics, cable and textile floor covering industries as a testing machine. For the auto industry, the E model is excellent. Learn more »

Skiving for perfection

Used for rubber and smooth synthetics in the rubber and plastic manufacturing, the 50 KS-G skiver guarantees perfect cuts with its wide variety of presser and feed rollers. Learn more »

Program for success

Used in the automotive and furniture industries, model CS6 automatically calculates the skiving angle with quick, easy programming to guarantee constant quality and reduced production cost. Learn more »

Small goods, big quality

Models ES50/SM50 are ideal for small leather goods, book covers and in the orthopedics industry. An electronic feed guarantees more continuous work, producing perfect quality. Learn more »