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Our receding head presses
drive productivity forward.

Hudson Cutting’s receding head die cutting press automatically moves the head out of the operator’s way, giving an unobstructed view to allow accurate placement of die and material.

A parallel cutting stroke with a quick approach and regulated slower cutting speed ensures consistently shaped parts are produced from single-ply or multi-layered materials. Further, the amount the head recedes is selectable to save cycle time. Taken together, that means high productivity and less waste.

Accurate, repeatable end of stroke adjustment ensures clean cuts and extended pad life. Optionally, 4 post adjustable stops with HRC 60 hardened and ground steel cutting plate accommodate large kiss cutting operations.

Hudson offers a choice of receding head presses ranging in size from 23.6” x 63” and 33 tons of force to 35.4” x 63” and 110 tons of cutting power. Larger head, bed and tonnage needs can be special ordered. Presses can be fitted with one of a number of feed mechanisms to tailor them to specialized requirements. Learn More »