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Die presses. Splitters. Skivers.
Cutting, not cutting corners.

If you need an industrial cutting machine, USM Americas has it. From a simple swing beam clickers to sophisticated, automated die presses with auto-feed systems, we can tailor a cutting solution to your business requirements.

USM Americas also offers industrial splitting and skiving machines from Fortuna, the world’s best, featuring standard and optional modules that provide a total package.

With sales and distribution exclusivity in Canada, USM Americas features the full product line for computerized designing and automated table and knife cutting systems manufactured by Elitron of Italy. Elitron and USM Americas offer a full product line serving the footwear, leather goods, apparel, furniture, fibreboard and packaging markets.

Likewise, USM Americas exclusively distributes industrial cutting machinery made by Meccanica Allevi Vigevano of Italy. In addition to traditional machines such as traveling head and full beam machines, the Allevi line includes water jet and table and knife solutions for precision cutting.

Elitron. Exclusive to USM Americas.

USM Americas and Elitron offer a complete portfolio of CAD/CAM table and knife cutting solutions. The CAD software is specialized for various markets, including footwear and leather goods, with 2D and 3D versions, as well as technical engineering. Other software applications address specific needs such as design and cutting, start-up of new collections, automatic nesting and scanner acquisition. CAM cutting machines employ a half-dozen advanced technologies as solutions for industries ranging from aeronautical and footwear to packaging and technical. Learn more »

Allevi. Best of breed.

Long a favorite, cutting machines from Meccanica Allevi Vigevano distributed by USM Americas are suited to general industry as well as shoemaking and leather goods. Allevi’s traditional line of swing beam, traveling head, receding head and full beam presses make short work of cutting apparel, luggage and upholstery, as well as gaskets, abrasives, rubber articles and synthetic materials in general. Additionally, Allevi specialises in water jet systems and table and blade systems for cutting rubber and synthetic materials with extreme precision. Allevi CAD/CAM software completes the solution. Learn more »

No split decision: It’s Fortuna.

For splitting and skiving in the automotive, cable, rubber, shoemaking and similar industries, our Fortuna brand machines are peerless. Precise separation of materials. Ultra-fine tolerances. Scientific accuracy. Reproducible results. That’s what Fortuna splitting and skiving machines deliver. Learn more »

Get in the swing. USM clickers.

USM Americas swing beam die cutting presses prove their versatility on narrow to medium width sheet or roll goods. With up to 27 tons of cutting force, our H-Series clickers have automatic cut depth setting and two table sizes. Learn more »

Traveling heads that get around.

Suited to a vast range of materials, USM Americas traveling head die cutters feature a wide bed to process the full width. Manual, two- or three-axis positioning and a choice of integrated feeds provide high productivity. Learn more »

Full heads, fully precise.

Our full head die cutting presses feature auto-balancing, plus optional standardized feeding equipment to tailor them to specific special requirements. Cutting force ranges from 33 to more than 440 US tons, with a variety of bed sizes. Learn more »

Speedy feeds.

An automated cutting solution likely requires feed equipment to customize the system to the requirements of the task. Modular options and advanced design capabilities enable us to develop and deliver a made to order solution. Learn more »

The die stops here.

Customers make us acutely aware of how important cutting pads are, so USM Americas took the time to find the finest. Simona pads are the complement to the world’s best presses. Learn more »

Specialised presses? No puzzle.

Our rotary die cutting systems implement today’s technology for the most exacting miniaturized components in the computer, telecommunications and medical industries. For traditional needs, we supply abrasive disk and envelope cutters plus an automatic jigsaw die press. Learn more »

Receding heads advance productivity.

Our receding head die cutting press automatically moves the head out of the operator’s way, giving an unobstructed view to allow accurate placement of die and material. Learn more »