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Our presses are a full head
above the competition.

Full head, or beam, presses offer larger cutting areas, thus lending themselves to cutting larger area parts, or multiples of smaller parts, from a wide sheet or roll of material. They can be simple, manually fed units, or, with the integration of specially designed modules, they can become fully automatic cutting systems. Thus, full head presses can achieve productivity gains and material savings.

Twin independent differential cylinders operating through a 4-column guide post provide the motive power, while twin coupled torsion bar linkages keep the closure parallel throughout the stroke, preventing deviation even with off-center loads.

To boost productivity, the approach speed of the head is quick. To maintain accuracy, the head automatically slows as the die cuts the material, ensuring exactness between top and bottom plies.

Hudson offers a choice of presses ranging in size from 23.6” x 63” and 33 tons of force to 35.4” x 63” and 165 tons of cutting power. Larger head, bed and tonnage needs can be special ordered. Presses are available with manual or automated work trays, or can be fitted with one of a number of feed mechanisms to tailor them to specialized requirements. Learn more »