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The die stops here. We'll show you.

Customers all over the world have made Hudson Cutting acutely aware of just how important die cutting pads are. Bad or worn pads mean waste and returned product. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the finest cutting pads you can buy.

Using our decades of experience, we recognize Simona cutting pads as the perfect complement to the world’s best cutting presses.

Made exclusively in Germany from the highest quality resins, Simona pads are manufactured by one of the most respected companies in the world. Simona pads are cast and stress relieved before being machined to exacting standards on the most up-to-date production equipment in the world. They are designed to meet or exceed virtually any production requirement.

Simona cutting pads:

  • Guarantee the cutting surface is consistent, providing uniform hardness that contributes to better cutting die life and improved consistency of part accuracy.
  • Greatly resist warping so the pad stays flatter and as a result minimizes the potential for artificially reducing the presses overall daylight.

You want to ensure your expensive die cutting press performs optimally. You can help ensure these expectations and consolidate your long-term business opportunities when you team your press up with the finest cutting pads available.

Hudson Industrial Cutting stocks virtually any needed size and thickness up to 2” in polypropylene, as well as an extensive inventory of rubber, PVC, nylon and conductive pads.

When you want accuracy, longevity and the highest performance for your die cutting press, contact Hudson Industrial Cutting the finest quality, affordable cutting pads.