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Nip. Grip. Automated feeds add zip.

In today’s economy you focus on increasing productivity while at the same time lowering cost. Automated die cutting press feeds from Hudson Cutting deliver on both counts.

Many of Hudson’s larger models are designed in a modular fashion that allows us to tailor a specific size and tonnage unit to be augmented with optional feeding equipment to customize the press system for more specialized tasks.

With our extensive industry experience, we can evaluate your needs to determine what press and feed will provide the best solution. After determining the press requirements, we review how the material in both its raw and cut states will be passed through the cutting process, considering weight, thickness, rigidity and whether the material will be cut in single or multiply plies.

To accommodate the vast array of requirements, Hudson offers a complete range of feed mechanisms. These include:

  • Nip, or pinch, roll, feed excellent where the material is single- or two-ply, or has good surface adhesion.
  • Reciprocating gripper or clamping beam as alternative to pinch roll for multiple thickness materials.
  • Conveyor belts, including synchronous mechanisms for in- and outbound feeds.
  • Continuous cutting belts for flaccid or flexible materials or those that stick to the die. These are combined with adjustable stops to prevent over-penetration to preserve belt life.
  • Other feed devices offered are table feeds, air floatation, gravity conveyor systems, pick and place mechanisms, vacuum loaders, scrap removal systems, knock-out systems, pad shifters, optical placement / alignment, chases, board feeds, kiss cutting, sheeters, stackers, guillotines and a wide range of web-handling equipment.

Contact Hudson Cutting today so we can help you find a top solution that boosts your bottom line.

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