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Adhesive machines you’ll bond with.

USM Americas’ extensive range of adhesive machinery, sourced from Omav of Italy, runs the gamut of footwear, leather goods and apparel applications, as well as general industrial uses such as automotive, abrasives, domestic appliances and building tools.

Long experience with the use of the vast range of adhesives on the market, plus years of machine production know-how, permit USM Americas and Omav to create adhesive application machinery to satisfy all market needs. Our lineup includes:

  • Adhesive application machinery
  • Pressurised supply containers
  • Drying systems
  • Automatic lines for heel sock assembly
  • Sole colouring, inking machines
  • Pressing rolls

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USM Americas prides itself on its complete range of hot melt adhesive solutions available to the footwear industry. From lasting rod to folding adhesive, we can find a product to fit your individual need.

We maintain inventory of both polyester and polyamide rod adhesives for lasting equipment, folding adhesive and box toe adhesive. We have a number of different formulations that should be able to meet your specific substrate needs.

Combined with application systems unique to the footwear manufacturing process, USM Americas and its technicians are eager to discuss your specific needs.