• USM Canada is now USM Americas

    USM Canada to USM Americas

    In a growing effort to provide the best service and reliability to our customers
    USM Canada LTEE/Ltd. is now 
    USM Americas Inc. /
    USM Amériques Inc.

    Our commitment & dedication to the footwear industry have never been stronger. As we expand our North American efforts our name is just one of the many changes we’re making to better serve you.

  • Texon. All pro. No con.

    Texon International’s footwear and apparel material solutions bring three words to mind: Expert. Excellence. Eco-friendly. For USM Americas, add one more word: Exclusive.

    USM Americas is Texon’s exclusive distributor for its line of insoles, toe puffs, linings, counters, leather reinforcements, fashion materials and cap peak and brim stiffeners. Learn more »

  • Solutions. By USM. The OEM.

    United Shoe is the original equipment manufacturer. USM shoemaking machines boast original equipment specs and today’s technology. We’re also proud of our aggressive pricing.

    And, make no mistake: USM Americas supplies only the best-quality parts, no after-market non-OEM replacements. Learn more »

  • Keen on cutting machines.

    You’ve got to be sharp to be on the cutting edge of the die cutting, splitting and skiving industry. USM Americas has machines from swing beams to fully automated solutions.

    From simple to sophisticated, industrial cutting machines from Elitron, Allevi, Fortuna and Sysco feature standard and optional modules to provide a total package. Learn more »

  • E-Leather. Eco-friendly.

    E-Leather – recycled from discarded leather – is precisely specified for each application, with material consistency and cost saving unlike the “real” thing.

    Environmentally sound, E-Leather from USM Americas for the footwear and leather goods markets gives high cutting yield and durability. Bonus: custom colours and grains. Learn more »

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We don’t sell used machines.

Some call them used, or rebuilt, or reconditioned. USM Americas calls them renewed shoe machines. Better than new, in fact, because we don’t just replace worn parts and slap on a coat of paint. USM renews shoe machines by enhancing them with new, current technology. It’s not recycling, it’s renewing.
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Parts. Service.
You’re covered.

USM Americas’s original equipment replacement parts are affordably, competitively priced. We supply only the best-quality parts, no aftermarket non-OEM parts. Plus, you get more than just a part. You receive USM America's unstinting customer service, providing you with common sense, timely solutions to your manufacturing challenges. Learn more »

Adhesives you’ll stick with.

From footwear and general industry machines to consumables, USM Americas, working with industry veteran Omav of Italy, offers an extensive range of application machinery, satisfying all types of market requirements. From lasting rod to folding adhesive, we can supply adhesives to fit your needs.
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Tool tip: USM is the last word.

When you need tooling for a lasting machine, you want to work with someone close enough to be in your factory, not half a world away. That’s USM Americas. You’ll get the best fit to your production needs and the greatest efficiency with USM and International shoe machines.
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1st impressions that stick.

For product enhancement, USM Americas offers transfer print systems to apply logos, trademarks or lettering to the surface of many different materials. Heat activated or self-adhesive, transfers are economical, clean and ideal for production integration.
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On the right tack.

For machine and hand tacks and nails for shoemaking, hand tacks for general use, or brush assembly pins, USM Americas-distributed IVI Metallics brand are purpose-built to the task at hand. Learn more »

Your supply line:
United Global

From awls to wire brushes, no other supplier can match United Global Supply’s broad range of shoemaking supplies, tools and components. Combined with aggressive pricing and decades of experience, United Global is your single source.
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For success.

USM Americas maintains marketing and distribution relationships with a select number of global manufacturers. We speak your language and we speak theirs. Together, we’ve developed cost-effective technologies to offer you greater value.
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Promote yourself.

Promote your company with promotions and accessories from USM’s Sports Link division. Sports Link offers an extensive line of apparel, bags, desk accessories, watch, awards, giveaways, coolers and business products. All promotions can be branded with your corporate logo.
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